"The revisitation of the babies in Antonella Bussanich's original aquatic environment absorbs us in a contemplation of the beauty of the movements of these babies and the experience of relaxation and happiness. Free from gravity, this sustainable lightness that the baby shows us, sustainable because the familiarity with the original is not yet forgotten by these babies.
The eyes, the smile of the eyes, the air bubbles delicately appeared gives a contemplation and a harmony that enters our body to us.
In the water the baby reemerges and in the air the baby on leaving it settles down calmer because it has the continuity between its two aerial and aquatic world where it can raise its eyes towards the sky.
It is not the face of a baby reflected in the water like Narcissus, but it is an immersed face that, like a sort of comtemplative dance, goes upwards, the air, the sacred."

Julianna Vamos

psycanalyst and specialist in perinatality